staff of the Center for Prevention of Youth Behavior Problems attend a weekly meeting

The Department of Psychology conducts research on a wide variety of topics related to human behavior. These include

  • decision making in the legal context, the social context, and the context of cognitive aging
  • individual and group differences in implicit cognition, spatial information processing, and wayfinding
  • the interrelation of mental health, health disparities, and aging
  • the nature and biological basis of psychopathology and psychopathic traits
  • psychological intervention for chronic illness and sleep disorders
  • the nature and treatment of child and adolescent challenges such as ADHD, developmental disabilities, problematic peer interactions, friendship navigation, and behavior problems
  • emotional/social neuroscience
  • belief systems, reward processing, and illness behavior
  • fantasy, play, and executive function in young children
  • the biological basis of Alzheimer’s

Learn more about individual faculty members’ interests and ongoing work through their websites, which are linked from our faculty directory page: