Alabama Research Institute on Aging

Director: Patricia Parmelee, PhD

The University of Alabama Institute on Aging (ARIA) is a campus-wide, multidisciplinary research center whose mission is to develop new knowledge, test new interventions, and disseminate information related to mental health and aging. The Institute has 65 faculty associates from diverse departments and colleges campus-wide; its five core faculty collaborate with more than 50 other institutions around the country. Research foci of ARIA include family caregiving, quality of long-term care, racial/ethnic and geographic diversity in aging, and end-of-life care. Through applied interdisciplinary research, ARIA promotes improved quality of life for older adults. For more information, visit the ARIA website,


Center for the Prevention of Youth Behavior Problems

Director: John Lochman, PhD

The Center for the Prevention of Youth Behavior Problems (CPYBP) represents multidisciplinary researchers from The University of Alabama and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The center supports research aimed at understanding risk factors for youth antisocial behavior, the causal mechanisms contributing to the development of conduct problems, and the development of effective programs for reducing youth behavior problems. The Center is especially interested in exploring how research-based interventions can be successfully transferred and implemented to real-world settings in schools and agencies. For more information, visit the CPYBP website,