The mission of the Psychology Graduate Student Association at The University of Alabama is to provide a strong voice for all psychology graduate students. With this voice, the PGSA aims to facilitate communication amongst graduate students, faculty, and staff. The PGSA also aspires to encourage inter student coordination and collaboration with the purpose of enhancing student life and promoting research, teaching, and service as students embark on their primary goal of successfully completing and graduating from the program.



President: Lauren Neal

We know that as we deliver in each of the areas below, we enjoy the kind of success that rewards our graduate students. I am fully accountable to get each of these elements right so that the PGSA — and all our psychology graduate students — can thrive during our graduate careers.

Clinical Vice President: Calia Torres

To serve as a link between clinical faculty and students, organize training workshops, and help representatives reach their goals.

Experimental Vice President: Callie Gibson

To encourage collaboration across concentrations, dialogue between students and faculty, and to build up students during the pursuits of their goals.

Child Representative: Sophie Eldred 

To increase cross-concentration student participation in area and departmental activities.

Cognitive Representative: Kyle Kraemer

To foster communication between students and faculty and voice the concerns of Cognitive students.

Developmental Representative: Allie Nancarrow

To facilitate communication between Developmental students and faculty, increase overall engagement in departmental activities, and provide encouragement to students in pursuit of their academic goals.

Health Representative: Andrea Newman

To help facilitate communication between Health Psych students and the faculty, and to voice any concerns of the Health Psych students to the department.

Gero Representative: Keisha Ivey

To serve the students and faculty of the Gero concentration, to promote and facilitate student engagement in department events, and to grow and develop the PGSA newsletter to reach alumni and prospective students.

Psych-Law Representative: Adam Coffey

To enhance communication among students and faculty within the Psych-Law concentration and to promote our activities in the department and across campus.

Social Representative: Alex McDiarmid

To increase student engagement in departmental and university activities, to facilitate communication between Social Psych students and the faculty, and to promote greater cohesiveness with the Social Psych researchers and students in the Institute for Social Science Research.