The missionPGSA members of the Psychology Graduate Student Association at The University of Alabama is to provide a strong voice for all psychology graduate students. With this voice, the PGSA aims to facilitate communication amongst graduate students, faculty, and staff. The PGSA also aspires to encourage inter student coordination and collaboration with the purpose of enhancing student life and promoting research, teaching, and service as students embark on their primary goal of successfully completing and graduating from the program.



President: Keisha Carden

“I am really excited about serving as PGSA’s president for the upcoming academic year. I really care about the quality of the students’ experiences while they are here and ensuring their voices are heard. I can’t think of a more meaningful way to spend my final year here than giving back to the people that made it all worthwhile.”

Clinical Vice President: Sophie Eldred

“I’m excited to work with other PGSA members to provide support, plan events, and provide new opportunities for grad students to get involved in both the department and the community. I’m also looking forward to serving as a voice for grad students when communicating with faculty about our ideas for the department, and hope to encourage more student involvement overall!”

Experimental Vice President: Alex McDiardmid

“I’m excited to play a part in expanding graduate student resources and planning community social events.”

Child Representative: James Rankin : “I’m really excited to work with the other members of PGSA and to represent the child concentration. I’m also excited to give my good friend Alex McDiarmid a hard time in meetings. Whatever you are planning Alex, I’m opposed to it!”

Cognitive Representative: Trent Robinson

“I am looking forward to helping my fellow graduate students succeed in their graduate careers and communicate efficiently with faculty members.”

Ricardo Wilhelm Social Representative: “I’m excited to be on the PGSA next year because it means I’ll be able to be more involved with events we have every year.”

Developmental Representative: Carmen Brown

“I am excited to be on PGSA because I can’t wait to plan fun events for everyone in our department and help better serve our department! I also look forward to getting the opportunity to connect more with people from other concentrations that I might not know as well.”

Health Representative: Katie Kouchi: “I love how welcoming and collaborative our department is, and PGSA helps to contribute to the wonderful atmosphere. I am excited to be a part of it!”.

Gero Representative: Deanna Dregan: “The previous Geropsychology concentration representative laid the groundwork for many new initiatives and I am excited to have the opportunity to continue those efforts. I feel grateful and I am looking forward to collaborating with my fellow representatives in this upcoming year.”

Psych-Law Representative: Marissa Stanziani  : “Marissa is pumped to put the “psyched” in Psych Law (okay so that didn’t entirely work, just go with me on this one) next year. As a newly appointed member of PGSA she promises to always fight for the people and remember where she came from. As her first order of business she will be implementing a motto for the Psych Law concentration: in the words of the beautiful and unparalleled RBG, ‘If I had any talent in the world … I would be a great diva.’ Don’t ask, just accept.”

GSA Senator: Andrea Newman: “I’m excited to continue working in PGSA and with a new position! I look forward to facilitating communication between the psychology department and the graduate school.”

 GSA Senator: Stephanie Doran: “I feel very honored to have been selected to represent the Psychology Department as a GSA Senator, and I am looking forward to learning more about all we can accomplish with the GSA!”