Randall T. Salekin

Director of Graduate Studies


  • PhD, University of North Texas
  • Internship, Yale University

Research Areas

  • conduct disorder
  • psychopathy
  • grandiose-manipulative (GM) traits
  • callous-unemotional (CU) traits
  • daring-impulsive (DI) traits
  • treatment of conduct disorder and psychopathy
  • Juvenile justice, disposition and transfer evaluations


Randall T. Salekin received his PhD from the University of North Texas and his clinical internship from Yale University. His primary research and clinical interests are centered on Conduct Disorder (CD) and its affiliated personality traits. In particular, Dr. Salekin has proposed that grandiose-manipulative [GM], callous-unemotional [CU], and daring-impulsive [DI] traits should be considered as potential specifiers for Conduct Disorder. The inclusion of personality characteristics may offer clinicians richer clinical descriptors for CD, facilitate understanding of the etiology of CD, and promote the development of novel and effective interventions for youth with conduct problems. Dr. Salekin is the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) and has previously taught Psychological Assessment for Children and Adolescents, Child and Adolescent Forensic Psychology, and a writing course on Conduct Disorder and its affiliated personality traits.