Randall T. Salekin



  • PhD, University of North Texas

Research Areas

  • psychopathy
  • callous unemotional traits
  • treatment of psychopathy
  • treatment of interpersonal callousness


Randall T. Salekin received his PhD from the University of North Texas. His primary research and clinical interests are in child forensic psychology.  Specifically, his interests are on the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents who have come into contact with the law. Dr. Salekin is active in the psychology and law concentration area and is interested in such issues as juvenile transfer to adult court, culpability, and the treatment of youth diagnosed with Conduct Disorder. Another primary research area is the study of psychopathy and how it relates to dangerousness and other legal issues. Dr. Salekin’s graduate teaching responsibilities include Advanced Psychological Assessment for Children and Adolescents. Dr. Salekin directs the clinical child psychology training concentration. He serves as an active consultant to the juvenile justice system.