Climate Improvement Resources

Survey distribution flow
Survey distribution flow

The climate improvement system grew out of the PGSA-run Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Survey and is intended to facilitate a dialogue regarding climate and DEI, and to serve as a starting point for departmental change. The survey is distributed once a year and provides an opportunity for psychology graduate students to provide anonymous feedback about the departmental climate. The distribution of survey results will be followed by a department-wide town hall meeting and a formal response letter from the faculty, including action items.

Goals of the System

This system is intended to provide

  • A chance for graduate students to voice their concerns as anonymously as possible and have those concerns heard and responded to by faculty.
  • A chance for faculty to learn ways to improve.
  • An ongoing cycle of honest communication

Off-Cycle Submissions

Although the survey is officially administered once a year, graduate students can submit feedback regarding departmental climate and DEI at any time.

Off-cycle feedback can be submitted via The Climate Improvement System Off-Cycle Form.

Related Resources

  • DEI Incident Reporting: The UA Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion provides multiple avenues for reporting incidents, including a hate and bias hotline, a hate and bias reporting form, title IX information to report allegations of sexual misconduct, student conduct reporting options, and equal opportunity, nondiscrimination, and disability reporting.
  • Division of Student Life – Complaints and Appeals: The UA Division of Student Life offers an avenue for submitting complaints regarding issues that cannot be successfully resolved with the staff or department involved.
  • Designated Harassment Resource Persons: The Harassment Resource Persons are appointed by each college, school, or administrative division to serve as designated officials to receive complaints of harassment.
  • Faculty Senate Ombudspersons: The faculty ombudsperson is an impartial and confidential resource to assist faculty in resolving problems, complaints, conflicts, and other issues. The ombudsperson’s ultimate goal is to assist faculty in finding equitable, just, and timely resolutions to problems. As a neutral resource, the ombudsperson does not take sides; instead, he/she attempts to address issues in an impartial and objective manner.