Students in our program receive full funding for four academic years (this may be fewer for students entering with a master’s degree). Funding includes a monthly stipend for nine months, health insurance, and tuition. Stipends vary based on the type of financial support each student receives. Types of financial support include graduate assistantships (Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant), fellowships, or scholarships. Historically, funding has been available to support students in their fifth year, as well as during summers.

Funding is also provided by the department and the graduate school to travel to conferences each year and to conduct research.

Each year, the Graduate School also awards some fellowships to incoming students, which supplements the standard stipend. These include the Graduate Council Fellowship (GCF), McNair Graduate Fellowship, and the National Alumni Association License Tag Fellowship. Students do not apply for these fellowships, but rather are nominated or chosen by faculty after the student has been admitted into the program.