Graduate Studies

PGSA students participating in a conference

The UA Department of Psychology was formally established in 1937. In its rich history, including the founding of the state’s first doctoral psychology program in 1958, the department has had a steady progression of distinguished faculty, accomplished graduates, innovative training programs, and research achievements. Some 700 PhDs have been awarded.

Annual grant funding approaches $3 million. Students receive recognition from professional and scholarly societies. Cooperative relationships with health, mental health, educational, legal, and research agencies, both public and private, enrich the student experience. We invite you to explore the opportunities and excitement of a thriving department on a growing flagship campus.

Programs Offered

The Department of Psychology houses a Psychology PhD program. The PhD program is divided into two areas, clinical and experimental, with a number of subareas. Clinical subareas are Child, Health, Psychology and Law, and Geropsychology. Experimental subareas are Cognitive, Developmental, and Social. All Clinical and Experimental subareas focus on developing skilled researchers and college-level teachers. The clinical psychology area also focuses on developing skilled practitioners. Coursework and training are in person; this is not an online program.

The basic philosophy of the Department of Psychology is to promote independent scholarship and to ensure competence in the fundamental areas of psychology and in the subareas offered. The department trains psychologists who are scientists and scientist-practitioners and, in so doing, provides broad research training, substantive academic areas of study, and opportunities for teaching and applied experience.

Areas and Subareas of Study


There are four subareas in the clinical area:


There are three subareas in the experimental area

Program Directors

Each area and subarea has its own director or coordinator. Our director of graduate studies is Randy Salekin.



Program Faculty

Identify faculty who teach and research within each area through our faculty directory.

Our Community

For an overview of our community, watch this short video about Tuscaloosa, Alabama.