Woman’s History Month Newsletter

Unfortunately, Black History Month has come to a close; however, that opens up room for more Heritage Celebrations! The first of our Heritage Month Newsletters for the month of March is in celebration of Women’s History Month. We had a powerhouse team of women from our department completing this newsletter (which, considering the demographics of our department maybe isn’t that surprising to anyone, but, still nice to recognize).

Thank you to students Courtney Paisley, Alexis Brewe, Jenna Reardanz, Betty Mendez, Kelly Doudell, Shelley Condon, and faculty member Dr. Lisa Beck for all of your hard work! As with every newsletter, I hope you all enjoy and learn a little something. I’ll talk to y’all a little later for the next heritage celebration.

Download the Women’s History Month Newsletter (PDF)

Danielle McDuffie, MA