Hispanic Heritage Month Newsletter

It is my honor and privilege to share the first of our Heritage Month Newsletters, this one highlighting Hispanic Heritage Month (PDF), which officially begins tomorrow, September 15. I would also like to give special shoutouts to students Jacob Miranda, Betty Mendez, Francisco Marquez, and Rebecca Revilla for their hard work. It is also my pleasure to acknowledge the work of Caylin Perry, who exerted complete creative control over the formatting of this beautiful work. She is a freelance, empowerment artist who does work on mental health/survivor advocacy (& is also the partner of Francisco).

Please check out her website, caylinperry.com, her Instagram (@caylin.perry), or email her directly at caylin.perry.art@gmail.com.

Thanks again to the team who put this together, I hope everyone enjoys this newsletter as much as I did, and I’ll talk to y’all next time for the next Heritage Celebration.

Danielle McDuffie, M.A.