American Indian Heritage Newsletter

I’m coming to you today with our last Heritage celebration of the semester (and of 2020): American Indian Heritage Month (PDF). I would like to specifically acknowledge students Jenna Reardanz, Rebecca Revilla, Shelley Condon, and Candice Reel, AND one of our wonderful faculty members, Dr. Andrea Glenn. As seems to have become the trend, this newsletter is not only visually appealing, but also informative.

Also, with it being November (a month that I consider a month of gratitude), I just wanted to express my thankfulness for those who have committed to engaging in this Heritage Month endeavor. 2020 has been a “brave new world” in many respects (and illuminating in some other aspects), but I’m glad we’ve been able to carry this through. Okay, sidebar over, I’ll see y’all again in 2021 for Black History Month.