2023-2024 Senior Honors Presentations

Each year, seniors in our Psychology Honors program who have reached the end of the 2-year intensive program have the opportunity to share their research thesis during Honors Day. This day recognizes the achievement of these outstanding students and their long commitment to psychological research. Many of these students continue on to graduate school in psychology or related fields and become leaders in their community.


Madison Bradley

Mentor: Matt Jarrett

Gender Differences in ADHD Symptom Presentation and Relations with Domains of Functioning

Madison Bradley – Poster

Taylor Braile

Mentor: Katie Garrison

The relationship between trait anxiety and trait depression on cellphone dependency, and its implications on task performance

Taylor Braile –  Poster

Katherine Clark

Mentor: Katie Garrison

The Influence of Future Orientation and Psychopathology on Coping Behaviors and Affective States in Self-Control Conflicts

Katherine Clark –  Poster

Lindsay Cohen

Mentor: Sheila Black

Risky Decision-Making in Alzheimer’s Disease Descendants

Lindsay Cohen –  Poster

Taryn Crone

Mentor: Ansley Gilpin

Assessing New Creativity Measures: Exploring Early Childhood Creativity Across Contexts

Taryn Crone –  Poster

Erin Eickholz

Mentor: Summer Braun

Instructors’ Use of Snark Impacts College Students’ Learning Experience

Erin Eickholz –  Poster

Sarah Holditch

Mentor: Becky Allen

Network and Personality in Recovery Success

Sarah Holditch –  Poster

Julia Kosienski

Mentor: Rajesh Kana

The Relationship between Executive Functions and Externalizing Behaviors

Julia Kosienski – Poster

Kyndal Mays

Mentor: Kristina McDonald

Social comparison and co-rumination about bodies and exercise: Relations with body esteem

Kyndal Mays –  Poster

Lauren Rymer

Mentor: Kelsey West

Parental Role-Strain and Vocal Turn-Taking Development in Autistic Toddlers

Lauren Rymer –  Poster

Lily Savage

Mentor: Ian McDonough

Source Monitoring Deficits in Individuals With Higher Positive Schizotypy Trait Presentation

Lily Savage –  Poster

Anthony Taylor

Mentor: Andrea Glenn

The Role of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms in Aggression and Offending

Anthony Taylor –  Poster