Pat Parmalee

Director of Alabama Research Institute on Aging


  • PhD, University of Utah

Research Areas

  • the interrelations of physical and mental health
  • quality of long-term care, and particularly staffing issues in residential care settings
  • interventions to support family caregivers


Patricia Parmelee, PhD (1980, University of Utah), is Professor of Clinical Geropsychology and Director, Center for Mental Health and Aging. Dr. Parmelee is an applied social psychologist whose research focuses on late-life depression, the interaction of mental and physical health in older adults, and the quality of formal and informal long-term care. She has published widely on depression among frail elderly institution residents; the associations among pain, disability, and depression; and on interventions to improve the quality of long-term care. Her current work focuses on the daily experience of osteoarthritis pain and disability among diverse older adults, and on staff interventions to improve nursing home quality. Dr. Parmelee is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and the Gerontological Society of America. She currently teaches seminars in grant writing and in aging and health.

Recent Grants

  • Everyday Quality of Life among Blacks and Whites with Osteoarthritis. National Institute on Aging, TDC $2,143,169. P. Parmelee and D. Smith, Principal Investigators.
  • (Pending Grant Award) Pain Management and Tracking System for Osteoarthritis (Pain MATS-OA).  National Institute on Aging. C. Knott and W. Rogers, Principal Investigators; P. Parmelee, Co-Investigator. 2012-2017.
  • Two CLCs Implementing the Green House Model: A Mixed-Methods Baseline Assessment.  Department of Veterans Affairs TDC: $100,000. C. Hartmann, Principal Investigator; P. Parmelee, Co-investigator. 2010-2011.
  • Identifying and Characterizing High Performing VHA Nursing Homes. Department of Veterans Affairs IIR 06-260-3. M. Shwartz, Principal Investigator; P. Parmelee, Investigator. 2011-2008.
  • Enhancing Work Efficacy of Skilled Nursing Assistants. National Institute on Aging TDC:  $217,150. P. Parmelee, Principal Investigator. 2006-2009.


  • Alabama Research Institute on Aging
  • Selected Publications

    • Allen, R. S., Guadagno, R. E., Parmelee, P., Minney, J. A., Hilgeman, M. M., Tabb, K., McNeal, S. F., Houston, T., Kertesz, S., & Davis, L. (in press). Internet connectivity among rural Alabama veterans: Baseline findings from the Alabama Veterans Rural Health Initiative project.
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