Forrest R. Scogin Jr.

Professor Emeritus


  • PhD, Washington University

Research Areas

  • mental health and aging
  • psychotherapy research
  • depression


Forrest Scogin received a PhD from Washington University in St. Louis in 1983. A professor of clinical geropsychology, Dr. Scogin is a clinical psychologist with research interests in mental health and aging, depression, and psychotherapy research. He has published many articles on these topics. Current investigations include the effectiveness of CBT with rural older adults and memory and depression treatment for older adults. Dr. Scogin is a fellow of APA and GSA, has served on several editorial boards, and was the president of the Society of Clinical Geropsychology and chair of APA’s Committee on Aging. Dr. Scogin regularly teaches Principles of Psychotherapy and Geropsychology Practicum.

Recent Grants

  • Treatment of Insomnia and Depression in Elders (TIDE). National Institute of Mental Health. F. Scogin, Co-Principal Investigator. 2011-2014.


  • Alabama Research Institute on Aging
  • Selected Publications

    • Shah, A., Scogin, F., Presnell, A., Morthland, M. & Kaufman, A. (in press). Social workers as research psychotherapists in an investigation of cognitive-behavioral therapy among rural older adults. Social Work Research.
    • Moss, K., Scogin, F., DiNapoli, E., & Presnell, A. (in press). A self-help behavioral activation treatment for geriatric depressive symptoms. Aging and Mental Health.
    • Presnell, A.H., Harris, G.M., & Scogin, F. (in press). Therapist and client ethnic match: An examination of treatment outcome and process with rural older adults in the Deep South. Psychotherapy Research. 
    • Scogin, F. & Shah, A. (2012). Evidence-based treatments for older adults. APA Books.
    • Scogin, F., Morthland, M., Kaufman, A., Chaplin, W., & Kong, G. (2011). Maintenance of quality of life improvements in diverse rural older adults. Psychology and Aging. 26, 475-480.
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