Mengya Xia, Assistant Professor

169 Gordon Palmer Hall | (205) 348-5083 |

-Family systems processes and adolescent well-being

-Contextual and individual factors that promote individual competence and social-emotional development

-Mixture modeling (e.g., LPA/LCA), multilevel modeling, dynamical systems models, and other methods for intensive longitudinal data design

-Family-centered preventive intervention on individuals positive development

Susan White, Doddridge Saxon Chairholder, Professor, and Director of the Center for Youth Development and Intervention.

101F McMillan Building | (205) 348-1967 |

  • Developmental psychopathology
  • evidence-based assessment and treatment
  • intervention research
  • neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism
  • ADHD
  • learning disorders


Jenny M. Cundiff, Assistant Professor

183 Gordon Palmer Hall | (205) 348-5083 |

      – Socioeconomic and racial health disparities

     – Interpersonal processes that link social context to disease

      – Close relationships (e.g., romantic couples, parent-child) and physical health

      – Biological, psychological, and social pathways linking stress and health


Lauren Kois, Assistant Professor

407A Gordon Palmer Hall | (205) 348-5083 |

  • Forensic mental health assessment (competence to stand trial and criminal responsibility)
  • Competence restoration programming
  • Gender differences in forensic assessment, risk, and intervention
  • Forensic mental health needs assessment and program evaluation


Joan Barth, Senior Research Social Scientist

306 E. Paul Bryant Drive Office 201 | (205) 348-5083 |

  • social-emotional development
  • gender differences in science and math education experiences
  • adolescent risk behaviors
  • children’s decision making skills
  • education contexts
  • neurocognitive development in young children