Jennifer Cox

Jennifer Cox, Associate Professor

255-A Gordon Palmer Hall | (205) 348-5083 |

  • the interplay between psychological assessment and the legal system
  • conceptualization and assessment of psychopathic personality (psychopathy)
  • influence of psychological expert testimony on legal decision making
  • how legal decision makers understand and consider psychopathy evidence during the trial process

Kristina McDonald, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

257AA Gordon Palmer Hall | (205) 348-6320 |

  • precursors and consequences for youth who endorse hostile social motivations
  • how friendship interactions may influence social cognitions
  • how social context (e.g., school diversity) may affect peer relationships
  • how physiological reactivity to social threat interacts with social cognitions to predict behavior

Ansley Gilpin

Ansley Tullos Gilpin, Associate Professor and Director of Experimental Psychology

192 Gordon Palmer Hall | (205) 348-5083 |

  • fantasy orientation and pretend play
  • executive functions
  • school readiness
  • children’s use of testimony (information from other people) to learn about the world
  • imaginary companions (mean and nice)
  • children’s understanding of fantasy/reality,
  • development of religiosity
  • pretend play’s role in early childhood intervention (ASD)

Andrea Glenn

Andrea Glenn, Associate Professor

101-E McMillan Building | 205-565-8352 |

  • Disruptive behavior problems and antisocial behavior, in youth and adults
  • Reducing inequality in youth outcomes through mental health intervention programs
  • Biologically-informed¬†prevention and intervention
  • Mild traumatic brain injury as a risk factor for behavior problems

Theodore Tomeny

Theodore S. Tomeny, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

254-A Gordon Palmer Hall | (205) 348-5083 |

  • intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • autism spectrum disorder