2021-2022 Senior Honors Presentations

Each year, seniors in our Psychology Honors program who have reached the end of the 2-year intensive program have the opportunity to share their research thesis during Honors Day. This day recognizes the achievement of these outstanding students and their long commitment to psychological research. Many of these students continue on to graduate school in psychology or related fields and become leaders in their community.

This year, instead of having in-person presentations, we are having the students create short videos to describe their research and we encourage family, friends, and colleagues to see the amazing science these young scholars have produced. Below, we list this year’s graduating senior class and provide links to their research videos.

Video Presentations can be viewed online here.

Alex Nail

Mentor: Dr. Katie Garrison

Emotionally distracted: Emotional attachment to a smartphone interferes with working memory capacity

Andrea Nicastro

Mentor: Dr. Ian McDonough

How Does Busyness Affect Your Brain Structure?

Belle Combs

Mentor: Dr. Caitlin Hudac

Exploring EEG as a Measurement of Successful Word Learning in the Pre-Verbal Stage

Elaine Poole

Mentor: Dr. Heather Gunn

The Interpersonal Environment and Sleep: Studying the College Roommate Relationship

Halle Bonner

Mentor: Dr. Andrea Glenn

Examining the Effects of Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries on Youth Mental Health

Jalen Moreno

Mentor: Dr. Lauren Kois

Identifying Empowerment Mechanisms in System-Impacted Women with Serious Mental Illness

Levi Dyson

Mentor: Dr. Andrea Glenn

How do Salivary Cortisol Levels Relate to Stress and Other Key Outcomes for Participants in a Mindfulness and Peer Mentoring Program to Improve Opioid Use Disorder Treatment?

Marja Graham

Mentor: Dr. Alexa Tullett

How Experiences in the Undergraduate Learning Environment Relate to the Development of Scientific Value Systems

Mary Cox

Mentor: Dr. Ian McDonough

How Racial and General Discrimination Affect the Brain: The effect of perceived discrimination on the volume of the hippocampus and amygdala

Micah Jones

Mentor: Dr. Joan Barth

Influence of Attachment Style on Social Media Use in Romantic Relationships

Rae Guidry

Mentor: Dr. Mengya Xia

How Boundary Disturbances Among Family Members Affect Family Climate

Stacie Keck

Mentor: Dr. Jenni Cox

Stand Your Ground Laws and Convictability: Examining the Mediator of Race in Juror Decision-Making

Sydney Gross

Mentor: Dr. Heather Gunn

Interactive Effects of Perceived Social Status and Sleep Duration on Depression