2020-2021 Senior Honors Presentations

Each year, seniors in our Psychology Honors program who have reached the end of the 2-year intensive program have the opportunity to share their research thesis during Honors Day. This day recognizes the achievement of these outstanding students and their long commitment to psychological research. Many of these students continue on to graduate school in psychology or related fields and become leaders in their community.

This year, instead of having in-person presentations, we are having the students create short videos to describe their research and we encourage family, friends, and colleagues to see the amazing science these young scholars have produced. Below, we list this year’s graduating senior class and provide links to their research videos.

Aja Lucky

Mentor: Dr. Brad White and Megan Heilman
Title: Coping Power, Predominately Internet: Aggression in Children

Alex McDonough

Mentor: Dr. Jenni Cox
Title: To Plea or Not to Plea, That is the Question: The Influence of Psychopathic Traits on the Plea-Bargaining Process

Ally Freund

Mentor: Dr. Mengya Xia and Yi Chen
Title: What makes an individual feel loved? Determining perceived love across relationships

Alyssa Spencer

Mentor: Dr. Rajesh Kana
Title: Corpus Callosum Connectivity and Language Deficits in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Bailey Lanai

Mentor: Dr. Rebecca Allen
Title: Childhood Trauma as a Predictor of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Patients Being Treated for Opioid Abuse in the Rural South

Caroline Watson

Mentor: Dr. Mengya Xia
Title: Influence of Technology-Based Engagement Versus Active Engagement of Adolescent’s Parents and the Influence on Parent-Child Relationship Quality: A Pilot Study

Kara Acosta

Mentor: Dr. Frances Conners
Title: Academic Identity Development in Learning Disabled College Students: A Quantitative Approach

Katie Sandstrum

Mentor: Dr. Kristina McDonald
Title: The Importance of Popularity in Predicting Defending Behavior

Lauren Duvall

Mentor: Dr. Rajesh Kana
Title: Developmental Predictors of the Fusiform Gyrus Cortical Morphology in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Rachel Evans

Mentor: Dr. Jason Scofield
Title: Effect of Parent-Child Interaction on Toddler Word Learning in Object Play

Tabetha Marsh

Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Parker
Title: The Effects of Gender and the Nature of the Offense on Snark Use