The Color Line: Barbara-Shae Jackson

A black couple are dressed up and talking to each other.

The Paul R. Jones Museum presents When They See Us, What Do They See?: Perspectives on Black Art, August 7-25, 2020, curated by Barbara-Shae Jackson. The museum is open by limited appointment only. Call (205) 345-3038 or email the director for more information.

What does the aesthetic experience of a person perceiving a work of art look like when it does not reflect their culture or life experience? That is the question that Barbara-Shae Jackson, a doctoral student in cognitive psychology at UA, asked for her recent study, The Color Line: The Influence of Culturally Mediated Cognition, Openness and Racism on Aesthetic Experience. Her study examined perceptions and responses of black and white viewers to art created by black and white artists. Then Jackson developed an exhibition from her research.

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