All graduate students complete the general psychology core, the research skills core, a master’s thesis, and a doctoral dissertation. In addition, clinical students complete the clinical core and a year-long clinical internship. Students in the psychology and law concentration also attend a weekly proseminar and complete advanced coursework as indicated under the heading “Advanced Coursework in Clinical Psychology.”

General Psychology Core

  • PY650 Cognition and Learning
  • PY651 Physiological Psychology or PY629 Cognitive Neuroscience
  • PY652 Life-Span Developmental Psychology
  • PY672 Advanced Social Psychology
  • PY671 History and Systems
  • PY 695 Teaching of Psychology

Research Skills Core

  • PY607 Research Methods in Psychology
  • PY602 Advanced Statistics I
  • PY603 Advanced Statistics II
  • PY604 Multivariate Methods of Analysis, PY659/BER558 Psychometrics, BER646 Structural Equation Modeling, PY693 statistics topics, or approved alternative statistics course (must be individually approved in advance by the Graduate Statistics Committee)

Advanced Coursework in Clinical Psychology

Clinical Core

  • PY658 Psychopathology
  • PY609 Psychological Assessment I (4 hrs)
  • PY619 Principles of Psychotherapy
  • PY621 Psychotherapy Laboratory (1 hr)
  • PY631 Practicum in Psychology I (7 hrs)
  • PY608 Introduction to Ethics
  • PY690 Cultural Competency
  • PY617 Clinical Supervision and Professional Consultation (3 hr)

Advanced Coursework in Psychology & Law

  • PY610 Psychological Assessment II (Personality)
  • PY677 Correctional Psychology
  • PY676 Forensic Assessment
  • PY678 Forensic Psychology
  • PY637 Practicum in Psychology VII
  • PY679 Seminar in Psychology & Law (4 semesters)

Thesis and Dissertation Hours

  • PY599 Thesis research (6 hours)
  • PY699 Dissertation research (24 hours)