Clinical Child Curriculum

All graduate students complete the general psychology core, the research skills core, a master’s thesis, and a doctoral dissertation. In addition, clinical students complete the clinical core and a year-long clinical internship. Students in the child clinical concentration also attend a weekly proseminar and complete advanced coursework as indicated under the heading “Advanced Coursework in Clinical Psychology.”

General Psychology Core

  • PY 370 History and Systems (if applicable)
  • PY 629 Biological Bases of Behavior
  • PY 630 Affective Neurophysiology
  • PY 650 Cognition and Learning
  • PY 652 Affect and Lifespan Developmental Psychology
  • PY 672 Advanced Social Psychology
  • PY 695 Teaching of Psychology

Research Skills Core

  • PY607 Research Methods in Psychology
  • PY602 Advanced Statistics I
  • PY603 Advanced Statistics II
  • PY604 Multivariate Methods of Analysis, PY659/BER558 Psychometrics, BER646 Structural Equation Modeling, PY693 statistics topics, or approved alternative statistics course (must be individually approved in advance by the Graduate Statistics Committee)

Clinical Core

  • PY 608 Introduction to Ethics
  • PY 609 Psychological Assessment I (4 hrs)
  • PY 617 Supervision, Consultation, and Interprofessional Skills (3 hr)
  • PY 619 Principles of Psychotherapy
  • PY 621 Psychotherapy Laboratory (1 hr)
  • PY 631 Practicum in Psychology I (7 hrs)
  • PY 658 Psychopathology
  • PY 690 Cultural Competency

Advanced Coursework in Clinical Child Psychology

  • PY612 Psychological Assessment III
  • PY666 Child Treatment
  • PY639 Practicum in Psychology IX — Advanced Child Practicum (4 semesters)
  • PY669 Seminar in Clinical Child Psychology (4 semesters)

Child and Adolescent Forensic Specialization (Optional Emphasis Area)

  • PY591 Seminar in Psychology — Child and Adolescent Forensic Assessment
  • PY679 Seminar in Psychology & Law (2 semesters)
  • One semester of PY639 Advanced Child Practicum must have a forensic focus

Thesis and Dissertation Hours

  • PY599 Thesis research (6 hours)
  • PY699 Dissertation research (24 hours)