2022-2023 Senior Honors Presentations

Each year, seniors in our Psychology Honors program who have reached the end of the 2-year intensive program have the opportunity to share their research thesis during Honors Day. This day recognizes the achievement of these outstanding students and their long commitment to psychological research. Many of these students continue on to graduate school in psychology or related fields and become leaders in their community.

Alli DeMoss

Mentor: Katie Garrison

Title: TBA

Alli DeMoss –  Poster

Anna Catherine Henley

Mentor: Summer Braun

The Role of Knowledge of ADHD, Stress, and Mindfulness Skills in Predicting Pre-Service Teachers’ Responses to ADHD

Anna Catherine Henley – Poster

Braden Hall

Mentor: Will Hart

Coworkers Behaving Badly: How Incentivized Reporting and the Dark Triad Influence Responses to Witnessing Workplace Misconduct

Braden Hall – Poster

Brianna Slover

Mentor: Jennifer Cox

Law Enforcement Perceptions and the Relation to Mental Health Training/ Experience

Bridget McMullin

Mentor: Mengya Xia

Family Boundary Dysregulation and Parent-Child Relationship Quality: Emotion Socialization as a Moderating Factor

Bridget McMullin – Poster 

Emma Bumgardner

Mentor: Lauren Kois

A Novel Approach of Examining Michael’s Game: A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Method

Emma Bumgardner – Poster

Faith Dunn

Mentor: Dr. Tricia Witte

The Stigma of Substance Use Disorder in Comparison to Mental Illness and Physical Illness

Faith Dunn – Poster

Jessica Hausmann

Mentor: Dr. McDonald

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Problematic Alcohol Use: With Friendship Quality as a Moderator

Jessica Hausmann – Poster

Kayla Veal

Mentor: Andrea Glenn

The Mediating Effect of Poor Sleep on Behavioral Outcomes and Reactive Aggression in Youth with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

KaylaVeal – Poster

Nicole White

Mentor: Jenny Cundiff

Social Interactions: Stress and Emotions in Everyday Life

Nicole White – Poster

Olivia Gifford

Mentor: Brad White

The Role of Facial Emotion Intensity in Facial Emotion Recognition Deficits and Eye Gaze in Children with Callous-Unemotional Traits

Olivia Gifford – Poster