Free Virtual Memory Screening

The University of Alabama Geropsychology Clinic is serving the community during these difficult times by offering free and confidential memory screenings to members of the public who are 50 and older. Memory screenings will be held virtually using Zoom, a free online interactive video technology.

Screenings are conducted by graduate student psychologists who will provide written or verbal feedback on your results.

What is a memory screen?

  • Memory screenings are like other routine health check-ups.
  • Getting screened is a simple and safe way to check your memory and other thinking skills.
  • Each memory screening takes approximately 60 minutes and while the result is not a diagnosis, it can suggest if someone should see a physician for a full evaluation.

Why get a memory screen?

  • Memory screenings are an important first step to identifying memory decline due to Alzheimer’s Disease or other medical conditions.
  • Memory screenings are appropriate for everyone—whether you’re concerned about your memory or just wanting to learn more about your health.

For more information or to schedule your screening, call (205) 614-3454 or email

Download the UA Memory Clinic Flyer (PDF)