undergraduates in classroomTo become a psychology major, students should go through myBama (found under Student tab and New Student Record Features). It is generally a good idea to declare your major as soon as you are eligible to do so. Declared majors are given priority for enrolling in certain upper level courses (e.g., PY 491).

Students have the option of earning a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. The BS is preferred if you plan a specialty that will focus on computational skills (e.g., Cognitive Science). For most, a BA is sufficient.


The psychology major requires 33 credit hours, including Introduction to Psychology (PY 101 or 105), Elementary Statistical Methods (PY 211), Professional Issues in Psychology (PY 321), General Experimental Psychology (PY 355), Research Laboratory (PY 356), History and Systems of Psychology (PY 370), two semesters of psychology seminars (PY 391/PY 379 and PY 491); course descriptions provided on(Resources for Undergrads), and 12 additional hours of advanced work (300 or 400 level) distributed as follows:

  • Students select one course from three of four major content areas, with at least one course taken at the 400 level (9 hours):
    • Lifespan Developmental (PY 352, PY 365, or PY 461)
    • Learning and Cognition (PY 361. PY 381, or PY 470)
    • Biological Bases (PY 313, PY 353, or PY 413)
    • Socio-Cultural (PY 358, PY 368, or PY 372)
  • Students select 3 additional hours of advanced PY coursework.

Additional requirements for the BS

In addition to the general math requirements, students on the BS path must take MATH 125. BA students take either MATH 110 or MATH 112.

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