Memory Performance: This study seeks to find out how memory performance is affected by alternating the type of memory task performed.

Emotion & Mental Visualization

Decision Making and Leadership Evaluations

Social Policies and Evaluation

Strength of Scientific Evidence

Reasoning and Cognition

Measure of Knowledge and Attitudes

Reactions to Internet Videos

Health Habits: A study on how people think about their health

The Effects of Cell Phone Policy on College Students’ Learning

Effects of Personality and Personal Beliefs on Decision-Making

Emotion and Visual Search

Chronotype and Nonrestorative Sleep

Let’s Get Ready to Gamble!

Motivation and Behavior

Cognition and Technology

Experimental Study of User Engagement in Information Searching

Strength of Scientific Evidence

Understanding Personality Traits, Behaviors, and Functional Impairment in Psychopathy: The main purpose of this study is to find out how well specific personality traits are related to maladaptive behaviors in college students.

Juror Decision Making and Sentencing in a Case Involving Violent Crimes

Approach Motivation and Physiology

Attention and Motivation

Processing of Spatial Relations

Scientific Evidence Evaluation

Sluggish Cognitive Tempo in Adults

Visual Perception and Personality

The Effect of Victim Gender and Criminal History on Sentencing

Judging Clinical Skills

Motivation and Individual Differences

Technology Use and Driver Mental Resources

Survey of Antisocial Behavior Amongst Undergraduate Students: This is a study that aims to develop a measure of non-criminal antisocial behavior that can be used in undergraduate populations. Ultimately this scale will be used in studies of moral judgment and decision-making.

Family Functioning and Psychological Flexibility

Approach-Motivation and Performance

Religion and Personality

Personality and World View

College Students & Academic Attitudes

A Visual Search Study

Capital Case Sentencing: You be the juror!

Wayfinding in a Computer Maze

The Role of Differing Self-Statements in Facilitating Psychological Flexibility: This is a three part study that seeks to understand how different ways of engaging in “self-talk” may affect ones psychological well-being. Participants must own an iOS or Android enabled smart phone

IBRG Surveys: A series of on-line questionnaires that will be used to understand relationships between health and personality.

Understanding Functional Impairment in Personality Psychopathology: The main purpose of this study is to find out how well specific personality traits are related to functional impairment in college students.

Neural Process of Attentional Engagement

Social Situations and Attitudes

Walking in Virtual Rooms

You be the Judge: How Heinous is this Crime?