Reminder to Committee Chair

Reminder to Thesis/Dissertation Chair (Copy and give to Chair at Meeting)


Collect Oral Exam and Document Rubrics and give to Cindy Apperson right after your student’s defense meeting, please write the vote on the document that is on the counter in the main office (e.g., Pass-3; Fail-0).

Please also make sure that (a) the date of the meeting and (b) all committee members names are listed on the document.  Give the document to Cindy Apperson so she can record the vote and file the document.

Committee Acceptance Form for Electronic Thesis and Dissertation• Signatures must be ORIGINAL.

If a committee member remotes in for the defense, the form must be mailed to that committee member for signature.

See Mary Beth Hubbard for assistance in advance of defense.

Form must be signed by the Department Chair or the Director of Graduate Studies.

Student and Committee Chair must sign on the lower part of the form indicating that revisions have been completed and are accurate.

If you will not be on-campus when revisions are completed, see Mary Beth Hubbard for assistance in advance of defense.