Lochman Co-Investigator On Two New Grants

National Institute of Drug Abuse (R34 DA035946)

Project Title: Mindfulness-Enhanced Coping Power: Adaptations and Feasibility Testing
Principal Investigator: Caroline Boxmeyer & Shari Miller
Period of Support: 9/15/14-8/31/17
Total Direct Cost: $450,000 (Total cost: $750,000)

John Lochman will serve as co-Investigator on this grant-funded project. In the first phase of the grant, an adaptation of Coping Power will be created by including mindfulness training elements. It is anticipated that the inclusion of mindfulness training will produce changes in children’s abilities to deploy their attention and to reduce rumination, and thus reduce their reactive aggression, and their risk for substance use. In years 2 and 3, we will conduct a randomized control feasibility study in 8 schools, to examine the feasibility of this model of intervention, and to obtain preliminary effect sizes of intervention effects.

Institute for Education Science (R305A140070)

Project Title: Testing the Efficacy of a Developmentally Informed Coping Power Program in Middle Schools
Principal Investigator: Catherine Bradshaw (Univ of Virginia)
Period of Support: 7/1/14-6/30/18
Total Direct Cost: $1,052,170 (the UA subaward; J. Lochman, PI) (Total Cost: $1,500,000)

I am a co-Investigator on this grant, and am the PI on the subaward from the University of Virginia to UA. This 4 year project will use a group randomized control design to examine the efficacy of an adapted version of the Coping Power program, the Early Adolescent Coping Power (EACP) Program, with 720 children and their caretakers in Virginia and in Alabama. At-risk aggressive 7th grade youth will be recruited into the EACP and control conditions in three successive cohorts, and the design will include a one-year follow-up assessment.