Transfer of Graduate Credit

Graduate credit in psychology earned at other institutions will be evaluated at the end of the first year of graduate study. Only coursework completed during the six-year period prior to admission will be considered for possible transfer credit. Credits will only be considered for transfer from institutions in which the student has earned a B average or better on all graduate work attempted. A maximum of one-half of the hours required for the PhD may be transferred.

To initiate course transfer paperwork, students should schedule a short meeting with Nicole Dover, Graduate Programs Assistant. Approval of transfer credit, course by course, usually entails bringing a course syllabus to the faculty member who normally teaches the equivalent UA course. This faculty member makes a judgment about course equivalency and indicates approval in writing (e.g., by email).

Once all approvals are secured, the student completes a Request for Transfer and arranges for transcripts to be sent to the UA Graduate School if necessary. The Graduate School then requests final authorization from the DGS.

Students who have completed a thesis prior to enrollment in the PhD program may submit their thesis for acceptance. It will be reviewed for content and rigor by three faculty. If all agree that the thesis meets the requirements for a thesis in the psychology department, it will be accepted and the thesis requirement will be waived.