Departmental Bound Copies

After the successful completion of final orals, you should submit your dissertation to the Graduate School electronically (see Graduate School website for guidance). You must also supply the department with an electronic copy of the doctoral dissertation and the raw data. A bound copy must be provided to the dissertation committee chairperson and co-chairperson, if there is one, unless an electronic copy is preferred.

You may purchase bound copies through ProQuest at that time, or you may purchase them from Tuscaloosa Bindery (contact information below). ProQuest will mail the bound copies to you after the degree has been conferred. If you choose Tuscaloosa Bindery, Nicole Dover may be listed as the contact person for pick up when they are ready.

2704 6th Street
P.O. Box 20323
Tuscaloosa, AL 35402-0323
Phone: (800) 239-2463
Fax: (205) 759-1659