How to Apply

Complete the Application Form

Applications should be completed online through the Graduate School’s application center. This link connects you to the major information needed to complete an application. There are a few specifics that relate to the psychology department:

Academic Information

  • For the degree type, select “Doctoral”
  • For the planned “course of study”, select “Psychology PhD.”
  • For “area of focus”, select either the Clinical or Experimental area
  • For “sub-area of focus” select one of the following sub-areas
    • Clinical: Child, Health, Geropsychology, or Psychology & Law
    • Experimental: Cognitive, Developmental, or Social
    • Note that later in the application, you will enter your potential future mentor as a “contact”
  • For the proposed entrance date, select fall 2022.
  • Documents may be uploaded in Supporting Documents at the time of completing the application, or you may come back to this at another time. You may also enter the information of those who will write your letters of recommendation (see below for more information regarding supporting documents and letters of recommendation).
  • Pay the Application Fee.
  • Application Deadlines:  November 15 – Clinical and Experimental
  • Upon completion of the application, you will receive your Campus Wide Identification (CWID) number. It is VERY important that you keep this number somewhere safe.


  • Applicants must submit a personal statement using the “Upload Materials” tab of the graduate school application under “Statement of Purpose .” Personal statements should speak to the student’s preparation for graduate study, writing, and quantitative skills, and, if relevant, how students have handled past challenges. We are also interested in how students’ cultural, ethnic, or personal backgrounds will bring a unique and diverse perspective to the graduate program. Please also include the names of 1-3 potential faculty mentors within the program that you are applying to (i.e., Clinical or Experimental Psychology) and why you want to work with the faculty member(s). To find out if faculty members are planning to take students, please visit the department directory, and use the Accepting Students filter in the left-hand sidebar. There is no required length or format for the personal statement but see guidance here. Guidance on Statement of Purpose
  • Upload your CV/Résumé.
  • Upload copies of transcripts from all previous colleges and universities you attended. Official transcripts are NOT required at the time of application.
  • We also encourage applicants to submit other writing samples and syllabi from statistics or research methods courses that they have taken. These latter documents can be added under the “Portfolio” section of the graduate school application.
  • Our program has eliminated the GRE General Test for admission to the Fall 2022 class. We will NOT consider GRE scores if submitted. Applicants should not submit their GRE scores through ETS nor report their scores in the application portal or on their CVs or personal statements. If GRE scores are submitted, these scores will not be considered when the application is reviewed. However, applicants may still consider taking the GRE because external fellowships from other institutions (i.e., outside of the University of Alabama) may require scores for future applications.
  • You may upload documents at any time during the completion of the application.

 Prerequisites and Minimum Requirements

  • Undergraduate coursework in general psychology, statistics, and research methods is typically required for admission. Other desirable undergraduate courses include developmental psychology, physiological psychology, social psychology, abnormal psychology, cognition, learning, sensation and perception, history and systems, mathematics, and natural science.
  • The minimum GPA required for regular admission is 3.0. However, successful applicants typically exceed this minimum.
  • See admission statistics numbers for the past 10 years of clinical admissions (PDF).

Letters of Recommendation

  • Three letters of recommendation are required. These should be written by professors or supervisors who are familiar with your academic ability and career aspirations. Letters should speak to applicants’ writing skills, quantitative skills, ability to handle challenges, and potential to conduct high-quality empirical research.
  • Letters of recommendation should be submitted online through the Graduate School application portal. You may enter your letter writers’ information when completing your application
  • Letters must be received by December 1 to ensure full consideration. Should your letter writers have problems submitting letters through the application portal, please contact the program assistant, Mary Beth Hubbard.


  • Once you have identified potential mentors, please also add these mentors as “contacts” when completing your graduate school application. This can be completed by clicking on the “Contacts” field in the application. For “UA Department/Mentor Contacts,” please click “Add New” and add each mentor of interest. For “Relationship,” please enter “UA Department/Mentor Contact.” For “Email Address,” “Phone,” and “Mailing Address,” simply enter “n/a” for these fields. You will receive a message that your address was not able to be validated. Click on “Skip Validation.”

 Check the Status of Your Application

  • You may check the status of your application online as long as you remember the PIN you entered when you submitted your application.
  • Note: The department processes applications only after all materials listed above (with the exception of letters of recommendation) have been received.
  • If the status of your application is “Grad Review” or “Referred,” then your application is complete, with the possible exception of letters of recommendation, and is being processed and/or reviewed in the department.
  • Please do not contact the program assistant about the status of your application.
  • If you have not received an offer of admission by March 15, it is unlikely that you will be admitted.


  • Interviews for the Clinical and Experimental Programs are scheduled for the following dates:
    • January 28, 2022 – Health and Geropsychology
    • February 4, 2022 – Experimental (Cognitive, Developmental, and Social)
    • February 11, 2022 – Child and Psychology and Law
  • We may begin extending invitations to interview as early as mid-December. You will be contacted by phone and/or email if we wish to interview you.
  • If you have not received an invitation to interview by two (2) weeks before the interview date, it is unlikely that you will be interviewed.
  • Please do not contact the Program Assistant to inquire about your interview status.