Psychology Faculty Awarded Grants

Great news! We have received new grants this summer:

  • Gable (PI). “RAPID Approach-Avoidance Tendencies to Pathogen-Salience as a Function of Uncertainty and Regional..” A 1-year grant from NSF. $65K.
  • Lochman (MPI), Powell, and Qu. “Cross-Study Variation in the Coping Power Intervention.” A 3 year R01 from  NIMH going to RTI. Anna Yaros, a former grad student, is a co-I at RIT. $266K.
  • Stoppelbein (PI). “Supporting and Enhancing Resilient Families.” A 1-year grant from Alabama Department of Child Abuse Neglect and Prevention, continued (and doubled) from last year’s grant. $100K
  • Conners, Merrill, and McDonough. “Early Cognitive Decline in Down Syndrome.” A 5-year R01 from NICHD with subcontract to UCDavis. $3.1M.

These grants join a host of other ongoing grants in the department – we are definitely proud!