Accepting Students

Jenny M. Cundiff, Assistant Professor

183 Gordon Palmer Hall | (205) 348-5083 | jmcundiff1@ua.edu

      – Socioeconomic and racial health disparities

     – Interpersonal processes that link social context to disease

      – Close relationships (e.g., romantic couples, parent-child) and physical health

      – Biological, psychological, and social pathways linking stress and health


James Hamilton

James C. Hamilton, Associate Professor

387 Gordon Palmer Hall | (205) 348-5083 | jchamilt@ua.edu


  • motivational explanations for excessive medical illness behavior
  • dynamics of the victim role
  • social psychology of death attitudes and death acceptance

Beverly Thorn

Beverly E. Thorn, Professor Emeritus

None | (205) 348-5083 | bthorn@ua.edu


  • assessment and treatment of persistent painful conditions
  • health behaviors
  • living with chronic illness