Student John Adams

John Adams Advisor: William Peter Hart

John is a 5th-year student working with Dr. Will Hart. His current research applies the cognitive theory of spreading semantic activation to goal systems. Specifically, he is interested in determining how goals get activated, factors that influence degree of approach toward goals, and where goals come from.

Student Liz Adams

Liz Adams Advisor: Randall T. Salekin

Liz is a 6th year student working with Dr. Randy Salekin. She received her BA in psychology from Furman University. Liz’s research interests include understanding the etiology and treatment of Conduct Disorder and psychopathy, particularly regarding facial affect recognition and contributing factors for prosocial decision making.

Jaime Anderson Advisor: Karen L. Salekin

Jaime is currently on internship at Patton State Hospital in Patton, CA. She received her BA from the University of Dayton and MS from Eastern Kentucky University. Her research focuses on personality psychopathology and applied personality assessment.

Blaire Batky

Blair is a 1st year student working with Dr. Randy Salekin. She is originally from Denver, Colorado and earned her B.A. in psychology from Northwestern University. She is interested in psychopathic traits in youth and in issues related to defining and measuring the traits that underlie the broader construct of psychopathy. She is also interested in how neuroscience may provide a better understanding of psychopathy. Outside of research, she enjoys hiking, cooking, and reading.

Student Phoebe Block

Phoebe Block Advisor: Lynn Snow

Phoebe is a 5th year graduate student working with Dr. Lynn Snow.  She obtained her undergraduate degree from Northwestern University.  She is interested in psychosocial factors related to pain.

Andrew Bontemps Advisor: Randall T. Salekin

Andrew is a second year student in the Child Clinical concentration working with Randy Salekin.  His current interests fall under two broad categories: studying the physiological underpinnings of childhood psychopathy (via EEG/ERP); and the refinement of childhood psychopathy assessment measures.  He got his undergraduate degree in Psychology from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon and before coming to the University of Alabama, he studied ADHD at Oregon Health & Science University.  When not in the lab, he enjoys modern board games, finding new places to eat (both in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham), and singing loudly in his car.


Carmen Brown Advisor: Ansley Tullos Gilpin

Carmen Brown is a 2nd year doctoral student working with Dr. Ansley Gilpin. Her interests include young children’s social-cognitive development and what cognitive processes and social skills relate to the engagement in and understanding of deception. She also is interested in the impacts of fantastical play on development.


Student Kelsey Chappetta

Kelsey Chappetta Advisor: Joan Barth

Kelsey is a 3rd year student working with Dr. Joan Barth. Her current research focuses on how gender stereotypes play a role in attraction. Other research interests include online dating, romantic relationships, attraction, gender roles, and computer mediated communication. Kelsey earned her BS from the University of New Orleans and her MS from the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

Student Kristen Condeelis

Kristen Condeelis Advisor: Martha R. Crowther

Kristen is a 3rd year student in the PhD program in Clinical Geropsychology working with Dr. Martha Crowther. She graduated from the University of South Florida with a BA in psychology and gerontology. Her research interests include topics related to the associations between affect, sleep quality, and cognitive performance among older adults.

Rachel deLacy

Rachel deLacy Advisor: Karen L. Salekin

Rachel is 4th year working with Dr. Karen Salekin. She is a New Jersey native and received her BS from Fordham University. Her research interests generally focus on the interactions of individuals with intellectual disability (ID) with the legal system. Specifically, she is interested in the assessment of ID in death penalty cases, attitudes toward offenders with ID, and comprehension of offenders with ID as it relates to pre-trial issues.

Leah Efferson Advisor: Andrea Glenn

Leah is a third year developmental psychology graduate student working with Dr. Andrea Glenn. I am originally from Ohio and received my B.A. summa cum laude in psychology in 2013 from a small liberal arts school called Hiram College near Cleveland, Ohio. Her research interests involve how those with psychopathic traits differ in morality from those without psychopathic traits. I’m also interested in gender differences in psychopathy based off her experiences interviewing inmates at a women’s prison. I also research how those with psychopathic traits perceive others with similar traits, particularly how they punish people in criminal settings and what their motivations are for doing so.




Student Morgan Eichorst

Morgan Kiamy Eichorst Advisor: Rebecca S. Allen

Morgan, a 5th year in the Clinical Geropsychology program, works with Becky Allen and has broad research and clinical interests in end-of-life issues. Her dissertation (currently underway) is exploring bereavement in a nursing home staff population. Originally from Ohio (BA from Miami University), she, along with her patient husband Bryan and often ill-behaved dog Ivan, has come to love Alabama for its locally-grown peaches, breathtaking sunsets, and bluegrass music.

Student Dean Elmore

Dean Elmore Advisor: James C. Hamilton

Dean is a 5th year graduate student working with Dr. James Hamilton. He is a native of Birmingham, AL and a graduate of Birmingham-Southern College. His research interests concern the social psychology of victimhood with a specific focus on understanding the victim role as it exists in modern society and the role that concerns about justice play in determining how people respond to victims.

Sarah Emert Advisor: Kenneth Lichstein

Sarah is a 4th year doctoral student working with Dr. Kenneth Lichstein in the clinical health psychology program. She is currently working on her dissertation looking at possible predictors of insomnia identity. Her research interests include behavioral sleep medicine, neurobehavioral and biological effects of nonrestorative sleep, sleep deprivation, and sleep disturbance.



Nicole Ferretti

Nicole Ferretti is a first year graduate student working with Dr. Jarrett. Nicole graduated from Florida State University in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and worked as a research assistant at Florida State for two years prior to attending UA. She is interested in social functioning in children with ADHD. In her free time, she enjoys kayaking and playing board games.

En Fu Advisor: Beverly Roskos

En Fu is a fourth-year PhD student majoring in Experimental Psychology with cognitive concentration. She has a broad research interest evolved around the theme of wayfinding. She’s currently working with Dr. Beverly Roskos on her dissertation project (i.e. wayfinding in virtual environment), heuristic project (developing the conceptual structure of heuristics in adolescence), and capstone village project (wayfinding in retirement community). She’s also teaching Psychology of Learning course in Fall 2016. In her spare time, she loves listening to Chinese songs on Youtube.

Tess Gemberling Advisor: Debra McCallum

Tess is a 2nd year student working with Dr. Debra McCallum, regarding interfaith intolerance. Her other research interests include alternative cultures, sexual orientation, and violence perpetration.

Carolyn Gibson Advisor: Kristina McDonald

Callie is a fourth-year student working with Dr. Kristina McDonald. She received her B.A. in Psychology from Samford University and her M.S. in Experimental Psychology from Georgia Southern University. Callie is pursuing the dual-concentration degree of Developmental Science and Social Psychology with a minor in statistics. Her research interests focus on peer relations in adolescence and factors that influence these relationships and adolescents’ reactions to them. Her dissertation is examining the effect of rejection, both chronic and situational on empathy and prosocial behavior.

Student Brett Grant

Brett Grant Advisor: Alexa Tullett Advisor: Philip Gable

Brett is a 5th year student working with Dr. Alexa Tullett. Brett received his B.S. in Psychology from Texas A&M University. His research interests include utilizing physiological and behavioral measures to investigate empathy, emotion and social-cognition.

Student Zachary Himmelberger

Zachary Himmelberger Advisor: Edward Merrill

Zach is a 5th year student in the developmental and cognitive concentrations. He works with Dr. Ed Merrill studying navigation and spatial behavior in people with Down syndrome.

Amber Ingram Advisor: Jeffrey G. Parker

Amber is a 2nd year student working with Dr. Jeff Parker. She received her B.A. from the University of Alabama in 2014. Her research interests involve different aspects of adolescents’ friendships, including attachment, jealousy, and romantic attraction. She is also interested in foster children’s friendship experiences. Her current project is exploring how gender and self-esteem moderate the link between perceptions of intimacy and friendship jealousy.


Student Alexandria Johnson

Alexandria Johnson Advisor: Andrea Glenn

Al is a 4th year student working with Dr. Andrea Glenn. She earned her BA at the University of St. Thomas (MN). Al’s master’s thesis focuses on the associations between personality traits and externalizing behavior among college students. Her research interests include personality traits and their measurement, externalizing and antisocial behavior, and personality disorders.

Student Michelle Jones

Michelle Jones Advisor: Stanley L. Brodsky

Michelle is a 4th year student working with Stan Brodsky in the UA Witness Research Lab.  She is from northern Virginia and has been practicing law in Washington, D.C. for a number of years.  She has a BA from Vanderbilt University, an M.A. from Marymount University, and a JD from Harvard Law School.  Her current research interests include the appropriate use of psychological evidence in court, disconnects between the legal and mental health professions, the validity/reliability of forensic assessment instruments, and psychopathy.

Francesca Kassing Advisor: John Lochman

Francesca Kassing is currently a 4th year graduate student from Charleston, SC working with Dr. John Lochman.  Francesca’s research interests include biological and social risk and protective factors for child aggression. She has also developed secondary interests in the effects of cumulative trauma on children and geographic mapping of neighborhood community violence. Francesca completed her undergraduate degree at Duke University, under the direction of Dr. Terrie Moffitt.

Evan Kennedy Advisor: Thomas B. Ward

Evan is a 5th year student working with Tom Ward. He completed his undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Alabama in 2010 and returned to the university for graduate school. His research interests include the cognitive genesis of creativity, conceptual combination, and emergence

Hwaheun Kim Advisor: Jeffrey G. Parker

Hwaheun is a 6th year student working with Dr. Jeff Parker. She is interested in adolescents’ peer relationship and friendship and has focused her research on young adolescents’ friendship jealousy. She is also interested in adolescents’ STEM academic and career development.


Savanna King

Savannah King is a first year graduate student from Florida working with Dr. Matthew Jarrett. Savannah graduated magna cum laude from the University of Miami in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Before attending the University of Alabama, Savannah worked as a research assistant with the Anxiety and Behavioral Health Clinic at Florida State University. Savannah’s research interests include ADHD and anxiety in a child population. In her free time Savannah enjoys yoga and cooking.

Student Kyle Kraemer

Kyle Kraemer Advisor: Sheila R. Black

“Kyle is a 5th year doctoral student enrolled in a dual program in cognitive psychology/social psychology, with a graduate minor in statistics.  He completed his undergraduate degree in 2013 at Centenary College of Louisiana, where he held majors in psychology and biology, as well as a minor in philosophy. Currently, he works in both Dr. Sheila Black’s Cognitive Aging lab, and also in Dr. Ian McDonough’s Memory Aging and Cognitive Control Laboratory. His research interest is in factors that maintain and enhance cognition, with a special focus on how beliefs, motivation, and modes of thinking interact with memory. He is currently working on his doctoral dissertation, which seeks a mechanism to explain how a person’s belief about their own ability to succeed at a memory task (a.k.a. memory self-efficacy) impacts the process of storing and retrieving memories.

Student Michael LaRocca

Michael LaRocca Advisor: Forrest R. Scogin Jr.

Mike is a 5th year student working with Dr. Forrest Scogin. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the United States Military Academy (West Point) and his master’s degree from Pepperdine University. His research interests include social support and quality of life among older adults, as well as predictors of PTSD among combat veterans.

Student Jerome Lewis

Jerome Lewis Advisor: James C. Hamilton

Jerome is a 5th year graduate student working with Dr. James Hamilton. He graduated from Sam Houston State University with a BS. His research interests include empathy, excessive illness behavior, and the victim role.

Student Emily MacDougall

Emily MacDougall Advisor: Randall T. Salekin

Emily is currently on internship at the University of Tennessee HSC in Memphis, TN. Her current work is looking at maturity factors in this population. She is working with Dr. Randy Salekin.

Katelyn Massey Advisor: Jeffrey G. Parker

Kate Massey is a second-year graduate student in the Developmental Concentration. She works with Dr. Jeffrey Parker and her research interests include adolescents’ friendships and individual and contextual characteristics that affect friendship experiences. She is currently working on her thesis examining same-sex triads during competitive activities and the role that gender, triad structure, and friendship jealousy play in behavior.

Alex McDiarmid Advisor: Alexa Tullett

Alex is a 2nd year student working with Dr. Alexa Tullett. His research covers such topics as: biases that impact decision making & judgment as well as intergroup conflict centered around competing belief systems.

Student Nicole Mechin

Nicole Ryerson Advisor: Philip Gable

Nicole is a 5th year student working with Dr. Philip Gable. Her research investigates the neural, motivational, and affective processes related to substance use and risk related behaviors.

Student Jessica Mendoza

Jessica Mendoza Advisor: Beverly Roskos

Jessica is a 2nd year student in the doctoral program and is working with Dr. Beverly Roskos. She completed her undergraduate degree at California State University, Dominguez Hills. Broadly, she is interested in examining the impact of technology on cognition. Specifically, her interest is to analyze technology’s influence on spatial abilities in terms of wayfinding and retained memory of the navigated environment. Another interest of hers is deciphering how individuals perceive sentiment in messages in online environments such as (texting, emailing, chatrooms, etc.). Outside of her academic life, Jessica enjoys trying out new recipes, watching movies, and playing video games.

Student Brook Meyer

Brook Meyer Advisor: Ansley Tullos Gilpin

Brook Meyer, from Custavus Adolphus College, is a 2nd year doctoral student working with Dr. Ansley Gilpin. Brooke’s interests include children’s use of testimony to learn about the world and their development of the fantasy/reality distinction.

Student Lisa Mieskowski

Lisa Mieskowski Advisor: Forrest R. Scogin Jr.

Lisa, a 4th year student, completed her bachelor’s degree at Ohio University before coming to Alabama to work with Dr. Forrest Scogin. Her thesis (completed) focused on the relationship between quality of life and quality of relationship within caregiving dyads, and her dissertation (underway) will focus on a therapist-guided, self-administered treatment to improve the quality of life of older adults living in the community. Lisa’s research interests broadly include aging in place, emotional and physical well-being, and utilization of mental health services. She is especially interested in working with aging adults living in rural areas.

Maz Mulla Advisor: James C. Hamilton

Maz is a 3rd year student working with Dr. Jim Hamilton. Maz’s research focuses on the role of social-cognitive processes in the way people experience and respond to health and illness. Currently, his clinical work focuses on the treatment of psychological issues affecting physical health, and the implementation of psychosocial interventions  programs for chronic health problems in integrated healthcare settings.

Student Kaleb Murry

Kaleb Murry Advisor: Martha R. Crowther Advisor: Rebecca S. Allen

Kaleb is a first-year student working with Dr. Martha Crowther and Dr. Rebecca Allen. Kaleb completed his undergraduate degree at Xavier University of Louisiana before returning home to Alabama. His research interests include resilience in older adults, aging, and mental health disparities among Black and LGBTQIA+ populations.

Student Alexandra Nancarrow

Alexandra Nancarrow Advisor: Ansley Tullos Gilpin

Allie is a 3rd year doctoral student working with Dr. Ansley Gilpin. Her interests include children’s social cognitive development and school readiness. She is also interested in using physiological measures to assess development.

Lauren B. Neal Advisor: Philip Gable

Lauren is a 3rd year student working with Dr. Philip Gable. She received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Lee University. Her research broadly examines the interaction between emotion, cognition, and personality and the neural correlates of these processes.

Student Christina Pierpaoli

Christina Pierpaoli Advisor: Patricia A. Parmelee

Christina is a 3rd year graduate student working alongside Dr. Patricia A Parmelee. Her research explores how subjective age and perceived usefulness predict osteoarthritis pain management among older adults. She was a 2012 Killam Fellow at the University of Toronto and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Additional broad interests of hers include coping variability, health appraisals and behaviors, and sexual function—particularly in later life.

Student Cameron Powe

Cameron Powe Advisor: John Lochman

Cameron is a 4th year clinical child student working with John Lochman, and is currently a recipient of the License Tag Fellowship. She received her bachelor’s from Auburn University. Cameron’s research focuses on parental protective factors and their relation to aggression in childhood. Her master’s thesis is investigating the ability of parental protective factors to moderate the relation between childhood aggression and associated deficits in decision making.

Jenna Reardanz Advisor: Frances A. Conners

Jenna is a second year student in the developmental sciences program at the University of Alabama working with both Dr. Fran Conners and Dr. Kristina McDonald. She received her B.A. from Whitworth University in 2016 with a major in Psychology and a minor in Theology. Her research interests center around disability, social development. Additionally, she is interested in how research can best be used to inform and influence policy. She is currently investigating the impact of language skills and emotion regulation on victimization experiences in adolescents with Down Syndrome. Jenna enjoys reading, swimming, spending time with friends and family, and cheering on the Crimson Tide!


Student Rheanna Remmel

Rheanna Remmel Advisor: Andrea Glenn

Rheanna is a 3rd year student working with Dr. Andrea Glenn. She received her B.A. from Marquette University. Her research focuses on psychopathy and its biological correlates, neuropsychology, and morality. Her thesis research is looking at the differences in brain activity between adolescents with and without behavior disorders during a moral decision making task, using fMRI.

Kyle Richardson Advisor: Alexa Tullett

Kyle is a 2nd year student working with Dr. Will Hart.  He received his MA from Western Carolina University.  His research interests include the social utility of humor and its interaction with attitudes and personality traits to influence social cognition and behavior, particularly in regards to social influence and bias.

Student Rachel Rock

Rachel Rock Advisor: Karen L. Salekin

Rachel is currently on internship at the Federal Correction Complex-Butner in Butner, NC.  She received her BS from Towson University in Baltimore, MD. Her research interests involve examining the association between childhood trauma and adult psychopathy.

Sunmi Seo

Sunmi is a 1st year student in developmental science. She works with Dr. Minjung Kim, focusing on statistical methodology in psychology. In methodology, her current research interest is power analysis. Additionally, she is interested in adolescent delinquency and family factors.

Student Ian Sherwood

Ian Sherwood Advisor: James C. Hamilton

Ian is a 6th year doctoral student in Dr. Hamilton’s Illness Behavior Research Group. His research interests include somatization, medically unexplained symptoms, and psychological reactions to traumatic experiences. Ian is currently completing his predoctoral internship and is on track to graduate from UA with his Ph.D. in 2017.

Student Gabrielle Smith

Gabrielle Smith Advisor: Debra McCallum

Gabrielle Smith works with Dr. Debra McCallum. She is interested in stigma and discrimination as it relates to gender, race and mental health; as well as racial identity and its impact on quality of life. A graduate of Spelman College, she is a SREB fellow and a native Texan.

Student Rachel Thibodeau

Rachel Thibodeau Advisor: Ansley Tullos Gilpin

Rachel is a 4th year doctoral student working with Dr. Ansley Gilpin. She is enrolled in a dual Development Science/Cognitive Psychology concentration with a minor in statistics. Her research interests include: executive functions, fantasy orientation, socio-emotional development, and school readiness. She is primarily interested in identifying mechanisms and developing interventions to improve cognitive and socio-emotional skills among children. Rachel’s master’s thesis tested a fantasy play intervention’s effects on cognition. She is currently working on her dissertation which examines pretend-play as a protective factors for at-risk children.

Austin Hunter Threadgill Advisor: Philip Gable

Hunter is a 3rd year student working with Dr. Philip Gable. His research interests are examining neural correlates of different motivational states within emotion, and how they interact to effect various perceptual, cognitive, and performance behaviors. He uses a variety of neurophysiological techniques, including EEG frequency and event-related potentials, to examine the impact of these various states on several different processes.

Student Caitlan Tighe

Caitlan Tighe Advisor: Rebecca S. Allen

Caitie is a 4th year student working with Dr. Rebecca Allen and Dr. Natalie Dautovich (now at Virginia Commonwealth University). Caitie completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Florida and received her master’s degree from The University of Alabama (spring 2014). Caitie’s research interests are broadly centered on taking a biopsychosocial approach to understanding daily processes in older adulthood. She is currently working on her dissertation, which explores the interrelations of affect, savoring, and self-rated health across adulthood.

Student Calia Torres

Calia Torres Advisor: Beverly E. Thorn

Calia is a 4th year working with Dr. Beverly Thorn. She graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Psychology. Her research interests include health disparities in chronic disease management. Specifically, she is interested in improving the accessibility of psychosocial treatments for chronic pain among ethnic minorities and rural communities. Calia is also interested in culturally adapting and implementing evidence-based practices for chronic pain into primary care settings. She is currently working on her dissertation examining the effect of a literacy-adapted treatment Learning About My Pain (LAMP) on patient’s knowledge and conceptualization of the bio psychosocial approach to pain management.

Greg Tortoriello Advisor: William Peter Hart

Greg is a 2nd year student working with Dr. Will Hart. His research broadly examines social-cognitive factors in the context of subclinical narcissism.  He is also interested in exploring the cognitive and motivational mechanisms between perceived similarity and information processing.

Student Andrew Tungate

Andrew Tungate Advisor: Frances A. Conners

Andrew was born and raised in Orlando, FL and received his BS in psychology from the University of Central Florida. Currently, he is in the fourth year of the program in the cognitive concentration. His research is focused on executive function in Down syndrome.

Josh Tutek Advisor: Kenneth Lichstein

Josh is currently a fourth-year doctoral student in the clinical health psychology program working with Dr. Kenneth Lichstein. His research interests include the impact of circadian rhythms in insomnia and emotional dysregulation, behavioral interventions aimed at regulating the sleep cycle, and the health importance of regularity in daily routines.


Stephen Ungvary Advisor: Kristina McDonald

Stephen is a 4th year student working with Dr. Kristina McDonald.  Stephen received his BA from the University at Buffalo in 2012.  His research focuses on examining factors that influence adolescents’ peer relationships, including behavior, social cognition, and psychophysiology.  His Master’s thesis examined the role of social cognitive biases and psychophysiological processes in explaining the relation between peer victimization and aggression.

Ben Van Dyke Advisor: Beverly E. Thorn

Ben is a 5th year doctoral student in clinical health psychology at The University of Alabama on track to graduate with his PhD in 2018. His research interests focus on the social and interpersonal contextual factors related to pain experiences. His thesis examined the relationships among social support, pain catastrophizing, and response to laboratory-induced acute pain using a cold pressor task. Ben graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science with honors in psychology from Davidson College in 2009. He then worked at Brown University on a large-scale longitudinal study of the natural course of anxiety disorders in racial and ethnic minority adults for 2 years before starting his graduate studies at the University of Alabama in the Fall of 2012.

Student Sylvia Wang

Sylvia Wang

Sylvia Wang is a 3rd year graduate student working with Dr. Giyeon Kim. Her research interests are mental health disparities, minority aging, and Asian American mental Health.

Ricardo Wilhelm Advisor: Philip Gable

Ricardo is a 1st year student working with Dr. Phil Gable. Broadly, his research interests are focused on understanding how emotion and motivation interact with impulsiveness.

Student M.E. Wood

M.E. Wood Advisor: Karen L. Salekin

M.E. is currently on internship at Patton State Hospital in Patton, CA. Her primary research interests lie in the psychometric properties and statistical convergence between measures utilized to diagnose individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Student McKensie Worley

McKensie Worley Advisor: Dave Boles

McKensie is from Memphis, Tennessee. She is a 5th year student in the Experimental Psychology graduate program. Her concentration is in cognitive psychology, and she is working on a minor in quantitative statistics.  She graduate with a BA in general psychology from Mississippi State University in 2011. Her masters thesis is looking at the relationship between lateralized visual perceptual tasks. Other research interests include face perception, face recognition, hemispheric lateralization, multi-tasking, and cognitive neuroscience.