Stephanie Masters

Stephanie is a 1st year student working with Dr. Joan Barth. Broadly, she is interested in gender development, stereotypes, and peer relationships, with particular focus on how these variables may affect educational occupational outcomes across the lifespan. Stephanie earned her BA in psychology and MS in clinical psychology from the University of Texas at Tyler.

Chris Breeden

Chris is a Ph.D student working with Dr. Will Hart. Broadly, his research interests center around dark personalities, (Grandiose and Vulnerable Narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy), and their interpersonal presentations. More specifically, he is interested in how those who are higher in these “dark” personality variables strategically present themselves and others in social contexts, in ways that maximize their status, and financial gain. He is also interested in impression management, self-esteem, humor, and politics. In another life, he would have been Slash from Guns’n’Roses.

Ricardo Wilhelm Advisor: Philip Gable

Ricardo Wilhelm is a 3rd year student working with Dr. Philip Gable.  Broadly, his research focuses on examining the interaction between emotion, motivation, cognition, and personality with neural measures of motor-action preparation and feedback processing.

Greg Tortoriello Advisor: William Peter Hart

Greg is a fifth-year PhD student working with Dr. Will Hart. His research employs an interdisciplinary approach and interweaves theory in social/personality, clinical, and cognitive psychology. Broadly, he is interested in studying the relationship between personality and psychological processes (beliefs, perceptions, emotions, motives) in social contexts. He is currently investigating the relationship between dark personality and prosocial tendencies. His dissertation is revisiting empathy deficits in psychopathy.

Kyle Richardson Advisor: Alexa Tullett

Kyle is a 3rd year student working with Dr. Will Hart.  He received his MA from Western Carolina University.  His research interests include the social utility of humor and its interaction with attitudes and personality traits to influence social cognition and behavior, particularly in regards to social influence and bias.

Alex McDiarmid Advisor: Alexa Tullett

Alex is a 3rd year student working with Dr. Alexa Tullett. His research covers topics such as: biases in the degree to which people are persuaded by scientific evidence, and intergroup conflict associated with religious belief and disbelief.


Student Kelsey Chappetta

Kelsey Chappetta Advisor: Joan Barth

Kelsey is a 3rd year student working with Dr. Joan Barth. Her current research focuses on how gender stereotypes play a role in attraction. Other research interests include online dating, romantic relationships, attraction, gender roles, and computer mediated communication. Kelsey earned her BS from the University of New Orleans and her MS from the University of Louisiana at Monroe.