Chris Wendel

Chris is 2nd year student working with Dr. Jenny Cundiff. He is interested in early environment, adversity, resilience, and later mental and physical health outcomes

Josh Tutek

Josh is currently a fourth-year doctoral student in the clinical health psychology program working with Dr. Kenneth Lichstein. His research interests include the impact of circadian rhythms in insomnia and emotional dysregulation, behavioral interventions aimed at regulating the sleep cycle, and the health importance of regularity in daily routines.


Andrea Newman Advisor: Beverly E. Thorn

Andrea is a 3rd year graduate student working with Dr. Beverly Thorn in the health concentration. Andrea is from New York and completed her undergraduate degree at Bates College in Maine. She is currently interested in researching health disparities and psychosocial factors related to chronic pain

Sarah Emert

Sarah Emert is a fifth-year doctoral student working with Dr. Kenneth Lichstein in the clinical health psychology program. Sarah was awarded her M.A. in Clinical Psychology in August 2016. Her Master’s Thesis investigated the associations between perceptions of sleep disturbance, personality, and emotional intelligence. She is currently working on her dissertation exploring possible predictors of insomnia identity. Her research interests include behavioral sleep medicine, neurobehavioral and biological effects of nonrestorative sleep, sleep deprivation, and sleep disturbance.



Student Phoebe Block

Phoebe Block Advisor: Lynn Snow

Phoebe is a 5th year graduate student working with Dr. Lynn Snow.  She obtained her undergraduate degree from Northwestern University.  She is interested in psychosocial factors related to pain.