Student Kaleb Murry

Kaleb Murry Advisor: Martha R. Crowther Advisor: Rebecca S. Allen

Kaleb is a first-year student working with Dr. Martha Crowther and Dr. Rebecca Allen. Kaleb completed his undergraduate degree at Xavier University of Louisiana before returning home to Alabama. His research interests include resilience in older adults, aging, and mental health disparities among Black and LGBTQIA+ populations.

Ben Van Dyke Advisor: Beverly E. Thorn

Ben is a 5th year doctoral student in clinical health psychology at The University of Alabama on track to graduate with his PhD in 2018. His research interests focus on the social and interpersonal contextual factors related to pain experiences. His thesis examined the relationships among social support, pain catastrophizing, and response to laboratory-induced acute pain using a cold pressor task. Ben graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science with honors in psychology from Davidson College in 2009. He then worked at Brown University on a large-scale longitudinal study of the natural course of anxiety disorders in racial and ethnic minority adults for 2 years before starting his graduate studies at the University of Alabama in the Fall of 2012.

Josh Tutek Advisor: Kenneth Lichstein

Josh is currently a fourth-year doctoral student in the clinical health psychology program working with Dr. Kenneth Lichstein. His research interests include the impact of circadian rhythms in insomnia and emotional dysregulation, behavioral interventions aimed at regulating the sleep cycle, and the health importance of regularity in daily routines.


Student Calia Torres

Calia Torres Advisor: Beverly E. Thorn

Calia is a 5th year working with Dr. Beverly Thorn. She graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Psychology. Her research interests include health disparities in chronic disease management and cross-cultural validations of evidence-based treatments. Specifically, she is interested in improving the accessibility of psychosocial treatments for chronic pain among ethnic minorities and rural communities. She is currently working on her dissertation examining the effect of a literacy-adapted treatment Learning About My Pain (LAMP) on patient’s knowledge and conceptualization of the bio psychosocial approach to pain management. 


Andrea Newman Advisor: Beverly E. Thorn

Andrea is a 3rd year graduate student working with Dr. Beverly Thorn in the health concentration. Andrea is from New York and completed her undergraduate degree at Bates College in Maine. She is currently interested in researching health disparities and psychosocial factors related to chronic pain

Maz Mulla Advisor: James C. Hamilton

Maz is a 3rd year student working with Dr. Jim Hamilton. Maz’s research focuses on the role of social-cognitive processes in the way people experience and respond to health and illness. Currently, his clinical work focuses on the treatment of psychological issues affecting physical health, and the implementation of psychosocial interventions  programs for chronic health problems in integrated healthcare settings.

Sarah Emert Advisor: Kenneth Lichstein

Sarah is a 4th year doctoral student working with Dr. Kenneth Lichstein in the clinical health psychology program. She is currently working on her dissertation looking at possible predictors of insomnia identity. Her research interests include behavioral sleep medicine, neurobehavioral and biological effects of nonrestorative sleep, sleep deprivation, and sleep disturbance.